Availability  I massage mostly  weekday evenings, and do only one treatment per day. I am usually available Tuesday to Friday  evenings at  6.30pm or 7.30pm and very occasionally at weekends

Your Masseur  I am  level 3 body massage qualified and hold a Diplomas in advanced deep tissue massage and Lomi Lomi massage  from the Federation of Holisitic Therapists

Other  Massages  My current and signature massages are described in the massages section;  Lomi Lomi style,  Four Hand and other massages are also available.  I'm happy to offer loyalty and other discounts;  if  you have a particular requests  or requirements please contact  me by email or text, Thank you

Before your  Massage  Life is hectic and there is not always time but if you can a shower before the massage will help relax and warm you and your muscles.  Also it is best not to have a heavy meal or drink large amounts of alcohol immediately before the session. 

After your  Massage   Massage not only relaxes your muscles but works with your immune system to assist purge your body of toxins.

Your body will continue to react to the massage for may hours and in order to obtain the fullest benefit there are some guidelines to follow:

Drink plenty of fresh water – your therapist will provide you with some to start with
Avoid alcohol for a day or so
Take it easy and relax
Reduce intake of stimulants including coffee, tea, energy drinks