Massage and Stress Relief    M4M massage  

The areas of the body most vulnerable to tension caused by stress are the shoulders, upper arms, neck and head.  In a state of balance these muscle groups work together to maintain a balanced posture and movement.  Stress can mean they are held tightly in contraction which impedes circulation and increases aches and pains often resulting in poor sleep patterns, tiredness and poor self appreciation.

Massage can help counterbalance the effects of stress and the tension in the muscles by relaxing the shoulders.  By working on the upper arms and neck, the body's natural balance and posture can be restored, increasing blood flow to the head and face, which will reduce your aches and pains and increase your sense of well being.

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Massage and the Active Life
Massage increases the circulation and metabolism increasing the availability of nutrients to the muscles.  Tension over a period of time can lead to atrophy and fibrosis in the tissues. Massage strokes relax contracted muscles and  can promote a more supple and elastic muscle tone creating a more balanced posture and reducing the physical stress on joints to increase flexibility and joint mobility.  More elastic muscles of less prone to injury.

Additionally the release of endorphins during massage can assist in pain reduction as well as increase your sense of well being. male massage brighton M4M massage